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Radio Show : Where Yo Is – 2 December 2018

My Long Time Friend、オーストラリアはメルボルンのBruce MilneがFRATFOPで購入したレコードや音源を自身のラジオ・ショウでプレイしてくれました。インターネット・ラジオで聴けるので是非チェックしてみてください。

L I S T E N ! !

3RRR December 2 2018

*Bobby Lewis – Fire Of Love
*Fred Richard – Barricade
*Baskerville Hounds – Space Rock pt. 1

*Little Alfred & Berry Cups – The Mashed Potatoes Back Again
*Hash Brown – Stringy Mashed Potatoes
*Jumping Jacks – Roasted Peanuts
*Billy Adams & Pedal Pushers – Bicycle Hop

*Susan Wayne – Think Summer
*Uptown Girls – Summer Story
*Tony Sales & Tigers – Summer Time
*Westwoods – Will You Love Me (Like You Did Last Summer)
*Richard Barrett – Summer’s Love

Season’s Greeting
*Christine Hunter – Santa Bring Me Ringo
*Debonaires – Crazy Santa Claus
*Marlene Paula – W Want To Spend Christmas With Elvis
*Oscar McLollie – Dig That Crazy Santa Claus

Guys & Dolls
*Margaret & Carol – (He’s My Guy) Oh No, He’s Mine
*Allan Shaw & Hawks – Doll Baby
*Kathy Lynn & Playboys – I Got A Guy
*Merle Kilgore – Hang Doll
*Raindrops – What A Guy

*Red Blazers – Hot Potatoes
*Chet oliver – Cool As A Cucumber
*Scamps – Enchilada
*Byron Gosh Group – Disgusting

*Campanions – I Want A Yul Bryner Haircut
*Wayne Satkamp – Barber Hair Blues
*Gems – Let Your Hair
*5 Peaks – Hair Net

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Radio Swank Vol.4

 気がついたらアップされてました。今回は6月の「下北〜」にちなんで、オレ流Popcorn(+Exotica/Horror/Jungle)小特集を組んでみました。真ん中の3セットがそれです。しかし今となっては、すげ替えたいのもあるなあ。Bob McFaddenなんか他の曲でも良いのあるしね。Vincentスタッフの方々おつかれさまでした。またよろしくです。

[ playlist – May 27 2012 ] read more!?

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Radio Swank Vol.3

 先日の日曜、中目黒にあるチリドッグ・スタンドChilitaの奥にあるガレージにて収録。リアル車庫からリアル・ガレージ音楽を発信! そんな小さなスペースをラジオのスタジオにするって発想自体ぶっ飛んでいるよね。Felix And His Guitar – Chili Beansをプレイしながら本物のチリビーンズをパクつくのも乙なもんだ。出来ればまたあそこでやりたいね。Vincentスタッフの方々おつかれさまでした。以下プレイリストです。

[ playlist – March 25 2012 ]
Bobby Gregg And His Friends – The Hullabaloo (Veep)

(Tittyshaker / Risque)
Ritchie And The Squares – Beat Party Pt.1 (A)
Barbara And The Boys – Hooty Sapperticker (#1)
Que Martin – Work With It (Big Town)
The Originals – The Whip (Jackpot)
The Monclairs – Happy Feet Time (Sunburst)

(Tittyshaker / Oriental)
Felix And His Guitar – Chili Beans (Aut)
Eddie Atwoods – Hot Saki (Surf)
The Rovers – Ichi-Bon Tami Dachi (Capitol)

(Horror / Weird)
The Castle Kings – You Can Get Him – Frankenstein (Atlantic)
Round Robin – I’m The Wolf Man (Domain)
Thurston Harris – Purple Stew (Aladdin)
Lavern Baker – Voodoo Voodoo (Atlantic)
Pat And The Wildcats – The Giggler (Crusader)
The Fiends – The Addams Family (G.N.P. Crescendo)

(The Sonics “Welcome To Japan” Special)
The Wailers – Frenzy (Etiquette)
The Sonics – Boss Hoss (Etiquette)
The Sonics – Dirty Old Man (Burdette)
The Sonics – Cinderella (Etiquette)
The Sonics – Like No Other Man (Jerden)
The Sonics – Louie Louie (Etiquette)

(Black Rockers / R&B)
Nathaniel Mayer – I Had A Dream (Fortune)
Dell Mack – You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover (Goldband)
Cosmo – I’m A Little Mixed Up (Tilt)
Lightnin Hopkins – Let’s Move (Herald)
Alton Joseph And The Jokers – The Other Place (Loma)

Jimmy Liggins – Last Round (Duplex)

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